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Beginner’s List

Pool Service in Florida makes sure that your swimming pool is in the perfect state. You don’t want slimy pools because of algae buildup or discolored liners that you don’t know if the water is spotless and safe to swim. There is a  lot to do to keep your pool fit & well and free from water borne-pathogens. Here is a list of pool services you might need for your pool.

A. Pool Maintenance

  • Caulking. Sealing the leaks in the pool to avoid water from draining to the concrete.
  • Cleaning. Perform regular pool cleaning service Hollywood Florida weekly. The procedure includes: Take off leaves and debris from the water, clean the walls by brushing, vacuum the pool, clean the skimmer.
  • Equipment Check & Care. Check to ensure the skimmer is functioning well, check the pump if it is running fine, also check the pump strainer, drains, and filter. There are 3 types of filters – sand, cartridge, and vertical grid; clean filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pool Closing. Winterizing is another term that means closing the pool before the cold season. It is vital to close the pool properly before winter to avoid damage to the pool, equipment, and liner.
  • Pool Opening. Proper opening of the pool when the temperature is already consistent above 70 degrees during the day to avoid algae build-up. Pool Service in Florida includes checking equipment and thorough cleaning before opening.

B. Pool Repair & Renovation

  • Paint & Plaster. The paint used is specially formulated underwater and can handle rough treatment, maximum temperatures, and poor water chemistry. Plasters are more durable than paint.
  • Plumbing & Leaks. Attend to a leaking pool promptly. You might be dealing with a water bill surge, and this can also cause pool contamination.
  • Pool Parts. Pump, filter, drains & skimmer, return lines & vacuum should be functioning right to keep the water in the pool moving and clean.
  • Repair & Replace. Repair pool parts that can still be repaired and replace those beyond repair.
  • Restore & Renovate.Give that old pool an upgrade. Restore to functioning state all pool equipment and give it the look you like.
  • Pool Safety. Secure the pool. Check or install needed barriers. Attach anti-entrapment drain covers and safety release systems to avoid drain entrapment.

C. Pool Water Chemistry

  • Algae Control. Pool brushing, shock the pool, pool circulation check, and sanitize the pool.
  • Cloudy Water. It could be due to several reasons: inappropriate chlorine levels, wrong pH, very high calcium levels, faulty filter, algae starting to increase, ammonia, and debris.
  • Pool Chemicals. There should be the proper amount of chemicals such as Chlorine and Bromine.
  • Stains & Scale. Stains and scales develop due to hard water, high concentration of Ca and other minerals. These scales can ruin pool equipment.
  • Water Balance. There should be a proper balance of water pH to work well with the right amount of chemicals used in the pool to keep the pool biologically and chemically clean and safe.

Keeping the pool well maintained the right way is a lot more complicated than we think. Pool Service in Florida does not solely care about the pool structure and equipment; It attends to the water and chemical balance. The process ensures a clean, safe pool and pool water. Florida Pools Pro covers every Pool Service in Florida. We will not only Plan, Design, and Build your pool. We extend the “after building” service to make sure of a great pool experience every time. Get In Touch With Us For Any Pool Service You Need. Get Your Free Estimate!

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