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Pool covers are necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your outdoor swimming pool. Another benefit of pool covers for indoor swimming pools is safety, especially if you have kids and pets. It can be easy to overlook the importance of pool covers, but its benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Any swimming pool should be protected from debris and extreme winter temperatures.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, here are some other pros of having the right pool covers Florida:

  • Reduces risk of drowning and falling accidents.
  • Save time and money on maintenance through the prevention of debris on the pool.
  • Reduce energy costs when using pool covers with heat retention.
  • Maintain the right temperature at night for a more comfortable swim the next day.
  • Conserves water through reduced evaporation
  • Reduces chemical use due to less frequent refilling of water.

Many homeowners buy pool covers for their functionality and a lot of these homeowners wish there were more design options available. As one of the top pool builder companies in the state, our Pool Covers Florida services offer a wide array of pool cover designs and types to suit the different needs of our clients. Get in touch with us to learn more about these products.


Looking for a particular type of swimming pool covers Florida? Learn more about the types of pool covers and their ideal uses throughout different situations and times of the year. If you need guidance, our experts are here to help you choose the right pool cover for everything you need. Check out your options below:

Winter Pool Covers

Winter covers resemble wide and large tarps that float on top of the pool’s water. Water bags are used to keep the cover in place. These covers are affordable and easy to install, but keep in mind that they cannot hold the weight of a child or a pet, so make sure to reinforce your pool gates to guarantee your family’s safety.

Mesh Safety Pool Cover

Mesh covers keep out any debris from trees or your gutter that may fall into the pool. Unlike non-porous winter covers, mesh pool covers allow water and snow to drain through the mesh or the tightly woven fabric. Since rainwater or snow does not cause tension to the cover, this type of cover usually lasts longer. Mesh covers are durable and are popular options to many homeowners.

Hybrid Safety Pool Covers

Hybrid safety pool covers are a combination of solid and mesh covers. Portions of this cover are made of mesh and the rest are made of vinyl patches. If you cannot choose between getting a solid safety cover or a mesh pool cover, you might want to consider this. This material drains water like a mesh cover would while also protecting UV rays and tiny pollutants from contaminating the pool.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Drainage and cleanup can be quick when you have an automatic pool cover. If you choose the right material to cater to your needs, installing an automation system with it will make your overall experience better. With a push of a button, you can close or open your swimming pool cover, so you won’t need to do the manual labor. While this type of pool cover can cost more, lots of homeowners invest in it because its benefits outweigh the high upfront cost.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers insulate your pool. The material traps heat, decreases evaporation, and increases the pool’s heat retention. This type of pool cover is lightweight, inexpensive, and does its job right. They absorb the sun’s rays and prevent the heat from escaping at nighttime. No need to ask another family member to help unroll the cover, because this material is easy to use. Browse through our solar pool covers Florida options to see more designs.

Have you decided on the type of pool cover you need? Our experts can help you choose the right type, design, and feature based on your budget. Get in touch with Pool Covers Florida today.

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