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Jacksonville, FL is the 12th most populous city in the United States and the most populous in Florida. Its 874.3 square miles land area makes it the largest city in the contiguous United States. With over 80,000 acres, its urban park system includes 400 city parks, 7 state parks, 2 national parks, and various gardens and arboreta.


Jacksonville is located along the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida, which is a good place for visitors who want to experience affordable yet luxurious vacations. The city offers many swimming, surfing, fishing, and boating spots for your favorite outdoor activities. If you are looking to relax and spend the day at the beach, the Neptune, Atlantic, and Jacksonville main beaches are the best ones to visit. Near Neptune Beach is Joe Park, where families can lounge, have a picnic, and the kids can play at the playground.

If you are looking for cabin rentals near a freshwater lake, Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park offers this along with a splash ground and 20 miles of trail, perfect for mountain biking. The park is located close to Mayport beach, which is a great location for camping, picnics, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, surfing, and swimming activities. Jacksonville offers various recreational activity places, thanks to the warm temperature, and the beautiful beaches in it.

Family Outings

Outings are popular activities for families who are living in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens exhibit various animals such as giraffes, gorillas, tigers, etc. The zoo houses and cares for more than two thousand animals, which visitors can view and interact with. Another family bonding activity is to ride airboats and go on fishing tours on the Intracoastal Waterway. While you can rent or hire someone to tour you, there is also an option to rent a paddleboard or kayak and paddle the route yourself.

National Parks, State Parks, and Preserves

The combination of history and nature shows in Jacksonville’s National Parks, which is the reason why many people enjoy visiting and touring these sites. For example, you can visit Fort Caroline National Memorial and learn more about the region’s history including the rebuilding of the French colonists’ fort in 1564, the story of the Timucuan Native Americans and the Spanish settlers, and so many more. The Kingsley Plantation and the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve are only some of the parks managed by the National Park System, and these are great places to visit.

The 46,000 acres of salt marshes, coastal wetlands, and hardwood forest within Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve bounds are great locations for hikers. Thousands of wildlife, wetlands, waterways, and historical sites, like the Kingsley Plantation and Caroline National Memorial, are some of the ideal places for discovery and exploration. When you visit the Kingsley Plantation, you will see and learn more about its various areas such as the slave quarters, waterfront, plantation house, barn, kitchen house, and interpretative gardens.

Urban Parks

With over 450 city parks, Jacksonville residents and tourists have many options. You can choose among busy suburban parks, oceanfront areas, and riverside parks along the St. Johns River. You can book a water taxi before sunset and ride along the river to Friendship Fountain on the Southbank. People can visit Springfield Klutho Park and play a round of golf in the Springfield Disc Golf Course. For a retreat under the shade of many trees, Hemming Park is located in Downtown Jacksonville and it is a great place to relax and unwind. The many activities and tourist spots in the city contribute to its tourism, as well.

Florida Pools Pro – Services

Finding a great neighborhood in Jacksonville is a breeze due to its great atmosphere and capacity for various outdoor activities. If you wish to stay at home during the hotter or colder times of the year, you can still have fun with your family at home. Most homeowners in Jacksonville opt to upgrade their backyards and build their own customized swimming pools.

You can call our team for expert advice and consultation regarding the type of swimming pool you can install in your yard. Here are some of the services we offer:

Pool Installation

We install above ground pools and inground pools in Florida. When you call us for an installation, we start with a consultation and then an evaluation of the ground where you wish to build your pool. Above ground pools in Florida are built once the area has been properly inspected. For your inquiries, you can contact our team and we will answer all your pool-related questions.

Pool Service in Florida

As a top-rated pool builder, we also offer various services outside pool installation. We provide pool landscaping in Florida and make sure our clients have the best-looking yards to match their amazing pools. Our company also sells and installs pool covers Florida for the safety of your pets and children and also to keep your pool clean during certain temperatures and weather.

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