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In Ground Pools In Florida

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In Ground Pools in Florida Guide: Pointers & Types

Having In Ground Pools in Florida are great and lifelong additions to your backyard. Having it within your premises gives you solitude while having fun and relaxation. Apart from giving you and your family a close-by venue for exercise, respite, and family enjoyment, in ground pools are more permanent that above ground pools.

Pointers on In Ground Pools:

  • Longer lasting. In ground pools are more permanent type.Concrete types being the most permanent has 50 years life span or more with regular maintenance procedures.
  • Installation takes 6-8 weeks on the average. At times, time frame can be reduced but other factors such as bad weather and sub-contractor concerns often causes delays.
  • Fast build options are offered by certain companies, at a comensurating price. In ground vinyl pool kits are available which can be installed quicker, around 4-5 days.
  • In ground pools cost higher as the construction process is more complex, materials used are designed to last longer, and there is digging of the ground involved.The process will be  requiring a special equipments and certain utilities such as gas, electricity and plumbing.
  • Can take on any shape and size. One can choose a design, shape and size according to preference, lot available, purpose and budget. For lap swimmers with limited area, one can design a long, rectangular lap pool.
  • In ground pools can be made to work even on a difficult terrain or sloping backyards. Such case utilizes retaining walls to expand functioning area.
  • It is important to check the type of soil the area has. There are certain soil types that makes the construction of in ground pool quite difficult and risky like very sandy soils and marine clay. You might want  to think it through.
  • Pool safety has always been of top priority. It is highly recommended to set up an in ground pool fence.
  • Easy to keep clean. In ground pools usually has bigger pump, filter and cleaning equipment; larger and therefore more effective and efficient.
  • Maintenance Service.Replacement, repair and renovation services are available for in ground pools.
  • In ground pools can be attached with enhancing features aside from the basic elements like in-pool lighting, heating system, electronic cleaners and salt chlorine systems. Some enhancing attachments are: automatic pool covers, spas, waterfalls,and other water elements that matches your landscape.
  • Fashion in any way. It can be built like flowing into the horizon, add tanning ledges,benches, swim-up bars or anything you’d like to add.

Types of In Ground Pools in Florida

  • Concrete.Uses steel reinforced concrete and plaster as the main materials in the construction. Concrete is durable and porous. Thus, was popular in the early times when residential pool construction became a thing.
  • Other Finishes to top the concrete and plaster pool surface. This include tile, stone, human made textures. Other alternatives are pebble,glass,beads,quarts and more.
  • Fiberglass. Constructed as one-piece, therefore large piece of shell since it is ready-made.Usually has steps, spas and benches that are pre-formed. Not common but can be arranged is the custom designed  The process of installing is quick and easy compared to concrete pools. Algae resistant, exposure to sun and chemicals renders it deteriorating over years.
  • Vinyl. Built with metal or plastic frames.Deteriorates over time due to exposure to pool chemicals and other elements such as the sun. Some liners are equipped with fungus and UV inhibitors that can lenghthen its life span from 10 to 18 years approximately.

Florida Pools Pro can help you plan, design and build your In Ground Pools in Florida. We can arrange a free consultation to narrow down your options base on your specifications. We extends  “after build” service to our clients to make sure proper maintenance of our pools. Call Us Now and Get A Free Estimate!

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