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Above Ground Pools In Florida

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Basics & Tips You Need To Know

Having a limited spaced backyard or just because you are renting your home does not mean you cannot have and enjoy your swimming pool. Above Ground Pools in Florida is all you need. You get to cool yourself especially during hot summer days right next to your home. Build your pool even if your garden or yard is small.

Why Above Ground Pools in Florida? Advantages & Benefits

  • Easy and quick to install. The best above ground pool for Florida can be installed quickly. These four initial steps in constructing the pool can be done in a swift.
  1. Clearing the area where the pool will be installed.
  2. Put up and assemble the pool.
  3. Assemble and install the liner.
  4. Fill the pool with water
  • It is an affordable alternative to the in-ground pool types.
  • Several small types and designs are available. Never fret if you only got a small space in your garden or backyard.
  • Safer alternative since it does not have a pool deck thus the less possibility of someone falling into it.
  • Ease in cleaning especially the small ones.
  • Can come with a filtering system to keep the water safe.
  • Durable types are available. Those made of UV-light treated material would last longer.
  • Available in many sizes. Pool range from 9 to 30 feet in diameter.
  • Choose from round, oval, or rectangular shapes.
  • Available in 40 ft long dimension for serious lap swimmers.
  • Best above ground pools for Florida have designs imitating stones and tiles are available; attractive outside walls of varied colors and patterns to choose from.
  • You can pick the pool depth, ranging from 48-54 inches deep.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Portable types are available. You can move or transfer the pool anytime you like.
  • Primary types of Above Ground Pools include: rigid steel or an aluminum frame with a vinyl liner and soft wall pools with UV-light treated material for longevity.

How to Choose The Best Above Ground Pool for Florida?

  1. Measure that spot where you plan to install your swimming pool.
  2. List the pool details you prefer. Go through the advantages and tips list. Choose the pool that fits your family and budget.
  3. Determine a wall height, this will set the depth of the pool.
  4. Choose a size, shape, and design.
  5. Pick equipment and accessories. There are innovations that led to the creation of pool accessories. The purpose could be aesthetic or truly for safety.

Essential features and accessories you can include in your pool installation:

  • Pump/Filter system of adequate size
  • Swimming pool chemicals, test kit
  • Pool ladder or steps/Entry & exit set up
  • Pool cleaning tools
  • Putting up a fence along the top rail
  • Basic landscaping

There is another salient concern when it comes to pools in Florida. One should know about the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, which states that any pool that is 24 inches and more in depth must have a barrier and this does not count as a property fence. One should know the governing law in your state. These laws are to be observed not just for the reason of avoiding fines but most especially because it is created for basic precaution and protection.

Knowing these basics and tips will help you in planning your swimming pool. There is always an option to do it yourself but for a hassle-free and fast installation, work with Florida Pools Pro. We have insured and licensed pool builders who do things the right way, following specific state rules. Our Above Ground Pools in Florida come in a wide choice of sizes, types, shapes, and essential features/accessories. Plan, design, and build with the pro. Connect With Us Now. Get Free Estimate!

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