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About Us

Florida Pools Pro. A team of pool construction experts and professionals. We work together to plan, design, and build pools that you can be proud of. We can give full service even beyond the pool construction with our comprehensive pool services to guarantee a fun and safe pool experience every time.

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Who We Are

We are a team of licensed and insured professionals who design, create, and build unique and delightful pools that last a lifetime. You can depend on our time-tested pool-building expertise. Furnished with pool creation proficiency and competence, we will allow you to take part in the design process. We always prioritize your preference.

We will be glad to implement your concept, incorporate your ideas with our initial plan, securing the essential features of the perfect pool you desire. Tell us what your pool needs are; we do all steps for you.

  • Above Ground Pools
  • Pool Covers
  • Pool Landscaping
  • In Ground Pools
  • Pool Services
Floria Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

We Have Everything You Need

  • Our team has skills and mastery in pool construction you can rely on and trust. Our qualified professionals equip themselves with the right pieces of training, and our pool experts meet the professional standards of the pool building industry. Our builders are licensed and also insured for add-on protection.
  • We welcome your ideas and customize the design and layout according to your preference and budget. We communicate with you and provide regular updating of the project status.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology cause we believe that advances in technology are an ally to accurate and fast project completion; overall productivity is improved and saves precious time.
  • Benefit from our easy payment schemes and financing options.
  • Enjoy innovative and total pool service; plan, design, build, repair, renovate and maintain. Enjoy excellent pool construction after-sales service and pool warranty.

Let Us Do The Job!

Spare yourself from the hassles of building and maintaining your pool. Let us know the specifications you want, and we do the rest. We pay close attention to details and adhere to high-quality standards because durability and dependability are what we offer our Florida Pools and pool services. Florida Pools Pro keeps you up to date with all advances and energy-saving equipment, and ideas for cost-efficiency.

Consult With Us for your Florida Pool Planning. We are readily available online.

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Our Core Values


You can count on our company’s upholding of moral and ethical uprightness. Our team of experts will do anything just to maintain their personal and company integrity.


We take pride in team synergy and cooperation to come up with the best pool plan and design. Client collaboration personalizes the pool plan and strategy. Execution of these ideas is faster with great teamwork


Safe pool experience every time is our aim. Never leave a spot that could harm you or your family. Nothing can beat that peace of mind of a secure pool.


Quality is our priority. Never settle for less. That is how we build our pools. Florida Pools are durable and could last longer. Pool service that is exceptional for all your pool installation and maintenance.

Our Vision

We aim to create your dream pool without hassle. We build durable and dependable pools according to your plan, tailored according to your preference and budget, extending our pool services beyond construction. Maintain and sustain fun and safe pool experiences.

Our Mission

We plan, create, and build pools synergistically to ensure our client gets the pool they exactly want. We equip Florida Pools with the essential features for a safe and delightful pool experience. Keep up with the advances that promote energy-saving.

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