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Creating that pool of your dreams has never been that pleasurable! Rid yourself from the hassles of constructing a pool. Work with Florida Pools Pro.

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Floria Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

What Can We Do For You

Florida Pools Pro is a team of licensed and insured professionals who design, create, and build unique and delightful pools that last a lifetime. You can rely on our years of pool-building expertise. Equipped with pool creation knowledge and competence, we will allow you to be involved in the design process. We always prioritize your preference.

Either we implement your concept or blend your ideas with our initial plan, securing the essential features of the perfect pool you desire.

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Pool Service in Florida – Florida Pools Pro

Pool Service in Florida

Benefit from our total Pool Service in Florida. We do them right and quickly, from planning, designing, and installing to…

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In Ground Pools in Florida – Florida Pools Pro

In Ground Pools in Florida

Fiberglass, vinyl liner, or concrete, our In Ground Pools in Florida, keeps that “fun together with family” time. We make…

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Pool Covers Florida – Florida Pools Pro

Pool Covers Florida

Reduce your pool heating expenses and keep your pool from leaves and other debris with durable Pool Covers Florida since…

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Pool Landscaping Florida – Florida Pools Pro

Pool Landscaping Florida

Maximize your pool’s functionality while keeping it attractive and safe with Pool Landscaping Florida. Choose from a broad line of…

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Florida Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

Above Ground Pools In Florida

Experience practical and affordable Above Ground Pools in Florida with a filtering system that ensures you clean and safe pool…

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Why Choose Us

Expertise Over The Years - Florida Pools Pro

Expertise Over The Years

Skills and mastery acquired over the years of experience and service to clients. A pool construction team and company you can rely on and trust.

Qualified Professionals - Florida Pools Pro

Qualified Professionals

Equipped with the right pieces of training, our pool experts meet the professional standards of the pool building industry. They are licensed and also insured for added protection.

Include Your Ideas - Florida Pools Pro

Include Your Ideas

We welcome your concepts and customize the design and layout according to your preference and budget. Our clients are involved in the whole process, from planning to finishing. We keep in good communication with our clients; we provide regular updating of the project status.

State of The Art Technology - Florida Pools Pro

State-Of-The-Art Technology

We believe that advances in technology are an ally to accurate and fast project completion; overall productivity is improved and saves precious time.

Easy Pay Financing Options - Florida Pools Pro

Easy Pay Financing Options

Benefit from our easy payment schemes and financing options. Ensures continuous construction work and allows you to stay on track with your project timeline.

Pool Service & Warranty - Florida Pools Pro

Pool Service & Warranty

We let you experience innovative and complete pool service; plan, design, build, repair, renovate and maintain. Enjoy excellent pool construction after-sales service and pool warranty.

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Florida Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

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Florida Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

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Florida Pools Pro - Plan, Design, and Build With The Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions to ask a pool contractor.

Essential questions to ask a pool contractor before hiring.

  • Ask about the pool contractors’ experience in the pool construction industry.
  • Ask if they are licensed within your location.
  • Ask if they could show their portfolio of past projects.
  • Ask if everything needed to complete the project is stipulates stipulated in the contract.
  • Ask if they will also cover permits and other document processing.
  • Ask if there are jobs to be subcontracted out.

Is it cheaper to build your pool?

It may seem that a DIY pool is cheaper, one may be able to save a lot on labor expense. However, if something goes wrong in the construction process, it can start the procedure all over again; it can end up a lot more expensive.

How long does pool installation take?

Above-ground pool installation of essential equipment comprising the frame, liner, and filling of the water can finish in a day. Added features such as simple landscape, decking can add another day or two.

In ground pools generally takes 6-8 weeks to install the concrete type mainly. Vinyl and fiberglass pools installation skips a few steps and takes roughly 4-6 weeks to finish. In ground pool kits are available, which are the quickest to install among in ground pool types, built within 4-5 days.

What is pool renovation?

A pool renovation is the refurbishing of the pool. It can include changing tiles of the pool surface, incorporating decorative elements such as waterfalls. Changing the shape of the pool is another renovation process, adding tanning ledges, installing benches, or adding more steps.

Renovation may be for aesthetic or function upgrade purposes.

What pool supplies do I need?

Basic pool supplies include :

  • A good test kit or test strips check your pool’s pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels.
  • Chlorine granules or tablets.
  • Pool Shock treatment.
  • Increaser/decreaser chemicals for alkalinity, calcium, and pH.
  • Algaecide.
  • Algae Brush
  • Multipurpose Surface Cleaner
  • Skimmer
  • Filter Cleaner

What is the best material for a pool deck?

Poured concrete is the material of choice for the pool deck. Not only is it durable, but it is also water-resistant. It is also a swimmer’s preference since it is slip-resistant, allowing safe walking barefoot.

How do solar pool covers work?

Solar pool covers increase the pool temperature up to 12 degrees. The mechanism involves tiny air pockets that detain the heat from the sun and shift it to the pool water. It also serves as an insulator by preventing the heat from diffusing off of the water’s surface.

How to landscape around an inground pool?

Plan the landscape layout. Decide on the materials to use: concrete, bricks, tile, limestone. Consider the non-slip materials to avoid pool slip accidents. You may want to add shrubs and flower-bearing plants. It is best to hire experts on pool landscaping. It can save you time and effort. Florida Pools Pro beautifies your pool yet keeping it functional and safe.

How much does it cost to demolish a pool?

Pool demolition cost will depend on the size of the pool. But on average, it is within $6,000- $25000, depending on the pool size and condition.

What is pool excavation?

Pool excavation is the digging or gouging out of the soil; the time spent in the completion will depend on the soil type. A rocky soil area may take a longer time to finish.

How deep above ground pools?

Above ground pool’s depth is usually 48 or 52 inches. Innovations make it possible to go as deep as 8 feet. It caters to lap swimmers and other clients who prefer to install above ground pools.

Why are inground pools so expensive?

Aside from labor costs on digging the ground and the nature of materials used for “in ground pools,” the need for a patio or pool deck can add to the construction cost.

Can you repair pool plaster underwater?

There are putty and plaster mixes that stick underwater and allows you to fix cracks and leaks even if your pool has water.

What is the best pool cleaning system?

There are various cleaning systems available in the market. Florida Pools Pro uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to clean your pool efficiently.

What is pool remodeling?

Pool remodeling or pool reconstruction improves the looks, design by adding decorative tiles and waterfalls. A more practical remodeling is to improve the pool function like re-plastering to recasting to fix the early onset of leaks and cracks, adding essential elements such as extra steps, benches, swim-up bars, and other parts.